Yisheng company is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic connectors. Committed to hydraulic connector design, development, production and sales services in one comprehensive development model. The business covers injection molding machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgy, ships, port equipment and other fields, providing many users with high performance, high quality products and services. The company is located in Zhenhai Economic Development Zone, Ningbo -----, 259 Jinda Road, Jiaochuan Street, Zhenhai District, Ningbo.

The company always insists that team and technology are essential to produce a more sophisticated product and build a better world. We not only have a lot of experienced engineering and technical personnel, but also equipped with world-class production and testing equipment, more standardized production process. We also maintain close relationship and technical cooperation with EATON, CONTITECH and other companies. At the same time of laying a solid foundation for product quality, we have also accumulated rich experience in the design and production of hydraulic connectors and equipment pipeline layout, and customized effective and feasible pipeline connection optimization scheme for users. More with its strong strength and quality products, won the trust of our customers.

As a trusted partner, eason team is committed to working side by side with customers to achieve technological breakthroughs and make the world better connected.

ø Main service customers

Kargotec, Lijin Group, Foton Group, Coni Port, Shanhe intelligent, etc

ø Major service application areas

Construction machinery, construction equipment, metallurgical equipment, sanitation equipment, mining machinery, port machinery, injection molding machinery, agricultural equipment, forestry equipment, energy exploration and mining, rail transit, transportation, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc

ø Introduction of main products

1) Hose assembly

Hydraulic hose assemblies are at the heart of Our product portfolio, and we have accumulated experience and success in millions of applications. Our product range also includes hoses and joints that meet all international industrial standards, as well as a full range of sizes and types of products manufactured according to each standard.

2) Transition joint

The transition joints produced by Eason include: DIN card sleeve type, plane, flanged type, flange and other types, with a complete series of sizes and structures, to meet various production standards, including ISO, SAE, DIN, JIS, BS, etc. Products have been widely used in engineering machinery, injection machinery, port machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, rail transit and other fields. Its perfect combination with eason hose joint makes the seal more reliable and stable. It can also be matched with ISO, SAE, DIN, JIS, BS and other manufacturers. At the same time, we can also provide a variety of screw threads and sealing forms, including metric thread, BSPP, NPT, UNF, etc. Can also be tailored according to user requirements.

3) Hose connector

Yisheng production of hose joint is mainly integrated non-peeling glue; The integrated non-stripping structure designed and produced by Yisheng has excellent anti-pull-out ability and high pulse performance. Its unique design structure provides effective guarantee for anti-pull-out performance.

4) Steel pipe assembly

The steel pipe assembly produced by Eason consists of formed steel pipe and joint. According to the composition of steel pipes and joints, they are mainly divided into four categories: clamping type, WALFORM type, flamed type and welding type. According to whether each bending radius on the steel pipe assembly is the same and whether in the same horizontal plane is divided into: plane section steel pipe assembly, three-dimensional steel pipe assembly, single bending radius steel pipe assembly and multi-radius steel pipe assembly (can support the same steel pipe assembly two or more different bending radius of the customized demand); Each steel pipe assembly produced by Eason is strictly tested, and equipped with scanning and testing equipment for steel pipe assembly, each steel pipe assembly can meet the requirements of the drawings 100%; Can also be customized according to customer drawings or samples, incoming samples can automatically generate drawings and THREE-DIMENSIONAL graphics according to the company's scanning equipment, and connected with the NUMERICAL control bending machine and transfer the data to the bending machine to complete the sample production, can ensure that the sample is completely consistent.